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Getter Robo A Go Go Getter Robo A Go Go

Rated 4 / 5 stars

What a parody!

Again, Mutant_Buster, your Flash amuses me.

1. Graphics: Since you do some hand drawings this time, there should be some credits on it.
2. Style: How you can relate planes with cars. And the alternatives ending.
3. Sound: Ah, the classic Getter music. :)
4. Violence: Getter-change failure. :P
5. Interactivity: Given choices of alternatives ends of four, and can be reselected.
6. Humor: My stomach nearly bursts when I saw the "Red Car"."Oh no, boy! Calm down, boy! They are gonna do it!" "Kaboom!" :lol:

Overall= Being a good parody, this tells the kids that Getter Machines are for professionals. Please don't try to Getter-Change yourself.:D

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Kerri's Big Invention Kerri's Big Invention

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Kerrigan is funny

Of all Kerri's movie you made, this is the best one.

1)Graphics- The characters is simple but good-looking. Smooth animation and so much detail for background.
2)Style- I like how you add that "pause" option to let other zoom in and see the details in the background easier. And not to mention the random scenes for the Final Fantasy parody. :D
3)Sound- The voice casts are fine, not text-to-voices.
4)Violence- Hidden cannibalism, a dying snake.:P
5)Interactivity- Again the "pause" button, which let you pause almost everytime.
6)Humor- Of Hamtaro turning to ....., A little of Snake's part bursts my stomach! :lol:

Overall: I like how you try to keep this as a family watch. Hope you will make more.:)

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Tribute to Getter Robo Tribute to Getter Robo

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Change Getter!

Another Getter Robot Tribute. Looks like I'm not the only classic mechs fan.:P

1.Graphics: The graphics are quite fine. Though some looks a lil' bit crude(Like Hayato's face and Kei's), you drew Musashi quite nice.
2.Style: Not that I question your originality but this flash pattern is similar to the OVA intro. But I know you put hard effort in tracing every animations in it. Without being hardworking, nobody who can do that. And I like how you animate the door.(Actually it's the mouth, oh well.)
3.Sound: "Heat" remains one of my fav songs.
4.Violence: Bashing and chopping that Invader at the very end of the flash...blood.:D
5.Interactivity: Same "Play Button Only".
6.Humor: Dead serious plot. Not a circus, sir.

Overall: This flash might lack the background's detail. Hope you will work on it in the future.:D

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Shin Getter Robot Tribute Shin Getter Robot Tribute

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Change Getta!!

Dang. What a shame for being Getter's fan and miss a tribute in here though I just been here for only a week.

1.Graphics: You are able to capture the Getter feelings quite right.
2.Style: Arranging a cool Getter's formation. Each gives their best shoots. What is less? ;)
3.Sound: "Heat"(The song's name) fit in with the pic.
4.Violence: Chopping off bots. Explosion. Well, at least you give the chance for the minors to watch it without the violence the Invaders can give.
5.Interactivity: Excluding the Play button, nope.
6.Humor: No circus in postapoc, friends.:D

Overall: Quite a tribute you brewed up. Maybe I should make a Marzinkaiser tribute, who knows?

For many who wants to know, Shin Getter Robot is a movie of the classic Getter Robot series, which was really old(About 20 years old if I am right.) Getter Robot was published in English as "Star Avenger". Venger Robot, manga published by Viz Comics, is about Neo Getter Robot, another model of the Getter Robot.


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HaroFreak responds:

Sir F_I_A;

Thank you very much for your review. You're right about those stats below, but Viz Comics were not the original publishers (For the Original Release anyway) as Viz Comics are more like "Importers".

MazinKaiser? Great Idea! IN THE FIRE! CRUSH ON CRUSH!! etc...

Tenguman is Evil Tenguman is Evil

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Tenguman is cool!

I remembered I heard that song before. Nice Flash indeed!

1) Graphics- The tenguman looks cool. But where did you get the pic when he dives into the screen?
2) Style- Well, sprite movie lacks of originality. But you managed to match the Tenguman with the song quite nice.
3) Sound- I like those old japanese heroic song. But the sound effect seems to be quite deafening, like when the bomb goes off.
4) Violence- Of spilling blood. Casually from the wreaked ship and airship. And assassination.
5) Interactivity- No clicking unless you count the play button.
6) Humor- I had a little laugh when he kills those people. I am weird.:P

Overall- It will be a good movie, but I think that mocking on one's death is not a nice think.:_

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Rockman Neo Rockman Neo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What a tribute

Now that's what I called really looks like an intro for Megaman type of game(I hate the X5 and X6.... oh well.)

1) Graphics- Quite simple graphic and a little scratchy, but it fit the environment(Like when Megaman is having a headache, it's nice to have scratchy art to show confusion.) Besides, this is a style.
2) Style- After about a thousand years(MMX series in 20XX), we still see Zero slices and dices. Cool. And each character gets a little intro for each.
3) Sound- Like peanut butter and jam, the music fits the Flash animation perfectly and takes it to a higher level.
4) Violence- Well, I do see a skull when they display the year 30XX. And a little bloody finger, images of someone in silthoutte being shot.
5) Interactivity- This is much of an animation, so no clicking is expected.
6) Humor- Everyone could see out from the blood red environment and ruins that it's a serious world.

Good stuff, Andrew! Hope to see more of your Flash skills!:D

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