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Getter Robo A Go Go Getter Robo A Go Go

Rated 4 / 5 stars

What a parody!

Again, Mutant_Buster, your Flash amuses me.

1. Graphics: Since you do some hand drawings this time, there should be some credits on it.
2. Style: How you can relate planes with cars. And the alternatives ending.
3. Sound: Ah, the classic Getter music. :)
4. Violence: Getter-change failure. :P
5. Interactivity: Given choices of alternatives ends of four, and can be reselected.
6. Humor: My stomach nearly bursts when I saw the "Red Car"."Oh no, boy! Calm down, boy! They are gonna do it!" "Kaboom!" :lol:

Overall= Being a good parody, this tells the kids that Getter Machines are for professionals. Please don't try to Getter-Change yourself.:D

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Kerri's Big Invention Kerri's Big Invention

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Kerrigan is funny

Of all Kerri's movie you made, this is the best one.

1)Graphics- The characters is simple but good-looking. Smooth animation and so much detail for background.
2)Style- I like how you add that "pause" option to let other zoom in and see the details in the background easier. And not to mention the random scenes for the Final Fantasy parody. :D
3)Sound- The voice casts are fine, not text-to-voices.
4)Violence- Hidden cannibalism, a dying snake.:P
5)Interactivity- Again the "pause" button, which let you pause almost everytime.
6)Humor- Of Hamtaro turning to ....., A little of Snake's part bursts my stomach! :lol:

Overall: I like how you try to keep this as a family watch. Hope you will make more.:)

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Tribute to Getter Robo Tribute to Getter Robo

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Change Getter!

Another Getter Robot Tribute. Looks like I'm not the only classic mechs fan.:P

1.Graphics: The graphics are quite fine. Though some looks a lil' bit crude(Like Hayato's face and Kei's), you drew Musashi quite nice.
2.Style: Not that I question your originality but this flash pattern is similar to the OVA intro. But I know you put hard effort in tracing every animations in it. Without being hardworking, nobody who can do that. And I like how you animate the door.(Actually it's the mouth, oh well.)
3.Sound: "Heat" remains one of my fav songs.
4.Violence: Bashing and chopping that Invader at the very end of the flash...blood.:D
5.Interactivity: Same "Play Button Only".
6.Humor: Dead serious plot. Not a circus, sir.

Overall: This flash might lack the background's detail. Hope you will work on it in the future.:D

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Kung Fu - Remix Kung Fu - Remix

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A well remake Nintendo Classic...

I enjoyed playing this game for its gameplay and difficulty. In fact, it takes me around 1 hour to finish it on Easy and Hard. Here is my review.

1. Graphics- For those who complain about the sprites, those are 8 bit sprites, MEANT for 8 bit games. Just how it will be a 8 bit game when the sprites change to current graphics? Even though the sprites(Mostly) are from Nintendo and other companies, namely Konami and Capcom, you also include self made sprites. Take the decaptation and Specials as example.

2. Style- It amuses me how you can put all those classic game heroes into this game, even though they are of the wrong side. Like, I was thinking that there will be a Castlevania related thing in this game when playing Stage 3, and lo, Alucard in Stage 4. And the Special is also a nice addition.

3. Sound- I enjoys those old classic musics, like the TMNT ones. The sound effects are well chosen too.

4. Violence- The decaptation and other bloody mess, but not really appaling with 8 bit sprites.

5. Interactivity- Aside from rare Special Lag( As in, a second after the button is pressed.), this game functions perfectly. I can Punch and Kick easily. The option to turn off the violence is also a nice plus.

6. Humor- Megaman? Mario? And then Alucard? I expected an old hag boss after Bad Harald, and you succeed to impress me with surprise. Though, the story tends to be a little bit lame humor.

Overall- This game is a good classic remake, if not better than the original. Even though at Easy, this still proves to be challenging, as the Difficulty only alters the ammount of life you started with.

There is some bug I found in this game.
1. When the violence is turned off, you cannot behead enemies with a flying kick. But not to those Fighters In Blue, as their bodies will be blown to nothingness if finished with a flying kick. Same effect as the hadouken.
2. If you played on Hard and continue, the number of life will reset back to 3.
3. Stage 5 proves to be very time rushing, that you will time out most of the time if you are slow. Most factors are the long prebattle talk and the balls of energy Mr. X throws. Perhaps you meant it this way.

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Megaman X Next - Intro Megaman X Next - Intro

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Well, I enjoyed MMN, so...

Great job in making another Megaman Flash game.

1) Graphics- I can see you're using Megaman Extreme sprites for Gameboy Color. I kinda like them more than normal Megaman sprites for Gameboy. Though still crude, the background is better compared to those of Megaman Next. The cutscenes are fine, if not for some part when Zero's face looks mishapen(How come Megaman gets the muscle body more than X?:P)
2) Style- As it still unfinished, I gives style a 5 as I still haven't see any originality except in programing. Supposed having Elvis Jackripper as a robot boss, or a swine-riding Sigma in the finished game?:P
3) Sound- Some megaman musics, some Legends of Mana musics and the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Boss music. All are my favourite. But I will prefer hearing Megaman music in Megaman game.:)
4) Violence- Seeing you hammering a Maverick. That's brutal.:D
5) Interactivity- Apart from the Megaman Next's feature, X get to climb the wall, dashing, climb ladder and a maximum of 3 selectable characters. Sweet.
6) Humor- Seeing you hammering that Maverick. It doesn't stand a chance.:D

Overall= I notice that X and Delia can only do 4% damage to the boss per attack(Charged X-Buster for X) while Zero can combo slash and does more than 4%. So far it is good. Just hope you'll finish it sooner. Oh yes, do add more chest-bursting Maverick.:F

BTW, I am new to Flash and am trying to brew up some platformers but don't know where to get the tutorial needed(The one Macromedia gives along with the Flash only teaches you how to use their tools.:_).

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maelstormm responds:

Thanks for the compliments.
Most of the reasons for why everything's done the way it is, is covered in the info part (music/graphics etc.) If you want to see more see the demo on my site.

I'm still on par for a December/Christmas release assuming all continues to go well.

For a good dose of flash turorials goto or do a google search for 'flash game tutorials'. You can also send me an email if you have a simple question. Good luck.

Megaman Next - The Game Megaman Next - The Game

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good game

Now that's one quite good Megaman game. Available from start to end!

1)Graphics- The sprites are fine, but the background and the cutscene are quite turn-off. Of course, you mentioned you used almost no effort on them, but I think other criterias cover this up.
2)Style- What would be more cooler to see Bass in 8-bit form? Plus, teaming up with Bass to knock down Megaman Next is definitely cool. And not to mention, original Robomasters, and some don't follow the usual robomaster's style(Like the huge motionless Arsenal Man). And the Dracolich, who gets to catch me by surprise.
3)Sound- Much of the musics are the one I like. Guilty Gear's, and Megaman's own song. But, the music when battling the Dracolich is quite not my taste.
4)Violence- Some like when Megaman shot the masked human.
5)Interactivity- Megaman acts just like the real Megaman games. Except a permanent high-jump.
6)Humor- Dramatic Introduction Man really cracks my stomach.~Oh.. look at me. I'm gonna sing ya to death!~lol

Though a little hard( Yes, it's quite frustating to die in the middle of an area to start back at the starting point.), Megaman Fans should try it.

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maelstormm responds:

Glad you liked. You can press down to cancel your jump earlier though so you don't do a full jump.
If you liked this one I'd strongly suggest trying Megaman X Next out. The links under my profile on the side and a large demo is on my site.